Top Internet marketing trends in the world

Every year, technology is moving forward, new trends are gaining momentum, which affects all the ways that people do business in the digital world. And if you want to stay ahead of the competition, whether you sell cars or Cialis Soft, or even just to stay in the game, you need to learn how to work with new tools, track trends, and be flexible enough to adapt to these changes.

Here are the top trends that will dominate Internet marketing in 2020.

The transition to mobile

According to various data, depending on the subject, the mobile traffic indicator on commercial sites already ranges from 30 to 50%. This is an impressive figure, and there is nothing to say about ordinary information projects, where it can be even higher.

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While e-Commerce sales are still largely made from desktop computers, the number of users who view online shopping sites from mobile devices continues to grow with each passing day. It is not surprising that SEO and Internet marketing specialists focus on optimizing their clients ‘ sites for mobile search, working on the adaptive design, speeding up page loading speed, and other factors.

Active use of analytics

In today’s information-heavy world, companies at any level understand that using better Analytics methods is becoming a prerequisite for effective cost optimization. In 2020, specialists who are engaged in promoting small and medium-sized businesses, like Cialis Soft online pharmacies, are applying more sophisticated approaches to measuring results in various areas of Internet marketing.

Content marketing is still important

This is in case someone else doesn’t know that for three years, it has been consistently included in the list of major trends. If you have a business, one of the mandatory steps that you need to take to develop it on the Internet is to create content that will convey information about you to potential customers, help them and raise awareness about your brand.

You need to work through all the semantics of the site, divide it into groups, and write high-quality content for each group. That is why it is better to spend time and write one good and voluminous article a week than to try to achieve success by releasing news items that are not interesting to anyone on the pipeline.

Chatbots and messengers

Do you want to know when your parcel will be delivered by the transport company? Send the tracking number to the company’s bot in Telegram and get a response in two seconds. But the new message in Viber is a notification that your order has been sent. These and many other examples show the possibilities of how recent advances in artificial intelligence and programming allow people to get instant answers to their queries.

The previous year was marked by the popularity of Telegram bots. Other messengers followed this trend together with Facebook and other world-famous companies actively working in this direction. So there is no doubt that we are facing a trend which impact on the market will continue to grow.

The importance of a comprehensive strategy

If you want to be effective, Internet marketing should not operate in a vacuum – you need to look through the prism of business based on understanding people, processes and product with the aim of creating a holistic strategy that would provide many points of contact with customers without sacrificing quality user experience. It should be equally good in all directions.

It is not enough to start using new Internet advertising channels if the site is slow, there are no other pages besides the products, and the order form functions with errors. It is equally necessary to work through usability issues, content, fix errors, ensure the convenience of viewing on mobile devices, and all other aspects. Otherwise, it is likely that sales will remain at the same level due to low conversion, even with increased traffic.


The need to use Internet marketing as a tool for business development becomes clear to everyone, almost everyone, actually. As statistics show, there are always businesses that close. And if you ignore new market trends, the chances of following this example significantly increase.

The potential of Internet marketing is huge, and the opportunities that open up to entrepreneurs when using it are impressive. But this world is changeable, so you always need to follow the trends in order not to be late.