business intelligence


As business intelligence moves into the computer age, corporate dashboards are becoming a necessity in business intelligence technology. Look at the data from customer will help you with details such as how much time to take and how much respond within your customer expected response times. Risk management is when companies analyze the patterns of their markets in order to minimize the amount of risks taken at any given time.

Firstly, it helps the management to gear up production, ensure capital availability, and calibrate marketing strategy so that the company does not fall short of a sales target, which has been determined through forecasting. Although Business Intelligence is a skill in itself with its own experts, your company’s biggest asset is its own managers and intelligence

So, you’re a qualified IT professional who is enthusiastic about talent acquisition more than project development and business intelligence analysis. The acquisition of a competitors critical information such as strategic decisions, financial performance, and productivity to name a few, is referred to as competitor intelligence

The management, who will be the users of the BI solution, and the business stakeholders, need to communicate with the BA correctly and elaborately on their expectations and help him throughout the process. In the last few years there’s been lots of acquisitions and mergers in the business intelligence tools market, so the large software vendors have acquired the pure play business intelligence intelligence

This kind of data is so voluminous that it cannot be processed using outmoded database and software techniques. Moreover, SAS with its telecommunication specific solution (TIS – Telecom Intelligence Solution) assists in building the data warehouse to hold the required parameters for further analysis.