I Needed to Order New Business Cards

I needed to order new business cards. I went to the same site where I ordered my last batch of cards, but I knew within a minute’s time there that I would not be reordering from them. I thought that I would get at least a similar price, even if prices had gone up a bit. I was not expecting the price to be double though. I guess it was because I had an introductory offer as a new customer. Well, I decided to be a new customer somewhere else. I found https://www.123print.co.uk/business-cards after researching different options for a few minutes, and I knew that this was the company I was going to use.

There were different options, but even still the ordering process was quite simple. I could create a business card from scratch, or I could simply use one of their step by step templates. I decided that it might be cool to try my own hand at it since I did have an idea of what I wanted. I knew that I could not have an exact replication of the business card I had been using for the last year, but that was okay because I was not especially keen on the font or the size of one of the lines.

I was able to play around with creating my own business card, and I got such immense satisfaction from that because I was actually getting exactly what I wanted instead of someone else’s interpretation of what they thought I wanted. It took me maybe 30 minutes, but that is only because I was checking out all the different fonts. The card looks fantastic, and the price is one that is better than I was expecting. I also know that the prices will remain the same should I need more in the future, which is a great way to keep customers coming back!